happy not happy rabbit

Happy not Happy

Rabbits can not meow and do not bark when something is awesome or bad. But if you look closely, you can understand how they feel.

A list of some possible signs …


not happy

  • active
  • social
  • eats and drinks
  • would like to play
  • clean coat / eyes
  • dry nose
  • normal breathing
  • hopping and moving around
  • does not eat
  • does not drink
  • not active
  • not social
  • holes in the fur
  • not clean coat / eyes
  • very wet nose
  • diarrhea

The rabbit does not necessarily have to be ill to be inactive or refuse to eat. Sometimes the rabbit shows with his behavior that it is not happy. Then it is important to be attentive and find out the cause.

Further signals can be interpreted on the basis of the entire body language of the rabbit. The ears, the paws and the whole body say more than 1000 words in the next article.