bunny salad


Even rabbits are gourmets. For a healthy lifestyle and a balanced intestinal flora, rabbits need different foods. Proper food is one of the basic needs.

This shopping list does not weigh heavily on your wallet. Since rabbits are convinced vegetarians and usually do not like exotic fruits, they are content with hay, grains, standard fruits and vegetables. Also important for the four-legged friends is a balanced diet with fiber.

If the animal has just been purchased, it would be best to take the previous food home and either continue to use it or move slowly. In juveniles you should start slowly with juicy vegetables.

Balanced nutrition is important for a long and healthy life. An overview of the most important food sources …

  • hay (very important)
  • carrots (not too much)
  • potatoes (not too much)
  • salad, endive, parsley, kohlrabi, … (not too much, as very watery)
  • grains
  • old hard bread (good for tooth reaming)
  • meadow flowers: dandelions, rose petals …
  • as a treat is considered: apple, banana, … (not too much, as very hydrous)

and after lunch it is time for fun