Own 4 Walls

At home … In the own home, everyone feels the safest and most comfortable. Even rabbits consider their cage as their refuge, where they can sleep safely and eat in peace. Every member of the family should leave them alone, at least in these few square centimeters, if the rabbit flees there in case of too much petting.

The cage must contain at least the following …

  • water bowl
  • food bowl
  • hiding place if you really do not want to see anyone
  • straw on the floor so that it is soft and absorbs unwanted liquid

+Toys, if locked up for hours

Here in the video you can see how to equip the cage with the most necessary and how to clean the cage quickly.

But now to the right location at home …

The cage itself should be in a place where there is no draft, no constantly loud noises and where it is not constantly pitch black

On the balcony, the animal is on the fresh air but here it draft, there is a lot of street noise and enormous temperature fluctuations.

In the kitchen there is constant noise from the appliances (fridge) and the dishes. The many odors can be unpleasant. After all, a rabbit hears and smells much better than a human.

The bathroom has similar arguments.

The bedroom is the other way around. Although the rabbit is one of the quietest pets, it can disturb your sleep. Although it does not bark (rabbits will beep only when they are in great pain and terrified) and may not snore (rabbits snore very softly and quiet), but it can get a food cravings at night and start nibbling grains or pushing the food dish (to get attention). Also, the cage will start to smell after a few days, and thus harm the romance in the bedroom.

In the living room, the cage should not be right next to the speakers (also be careful with the cables in front of these rodents). The cage should also not be exposed to direct sunlight through the windows. Ideally, the cage should be near a wall or corner (backing) so that the animal can observe the entire room.

You can find out the optimal place, if necessary, by testing some.